Driven by Devotion

Driven by devotion, our service doesn’t rely on equipment diversity only, it’s about the expertise and passion behind it all.
Our primary goal is to guarantee the ultimate image quality for your project, by providing your production with the latest technologies and inventions in the imaging industry.

Who We Are

We at Twins Production, always aim to provide you with ultimate production media services, out of our long field-experience on the biggest and most known projects in the MENA region. This is what sets us apart from the competition, and leads our devotion to work hard on making your project a successful and recognized show.


About Our Professional


Recognized as the most rapidly growing rental company in the region, we were able to build a considerable reputation through our commitment and hard work. This reputation lead a lot of producers in other markets of the Arab world to start contacting us, which made Twins Production expand boundaries and step into the starving Saudi market.
Soon we will be serving new media brains, allowing us to establish additional values for our company’s reel.

Twins Production


Georges Najjar

Founder - CEO

Joseph Najjar

Founder - COO

Georges Najjar


Joseph Najjar

Founder - COO

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It doesn’t matter who makes it, as long as it’s done.

This is how we’ve been committed to real support since ever. And this is clearly exposed off the jobs you choose to twin with us through their making.

Twins Production
Twins Production

We provide all kinds of equipment for any production all over the continents

Twins Production

Our gear is always up to date with the newest media trends & inventions

Twins Production
Best Offers

We support you with the best packages & offers customized for your project

Twins Production

Our team is highly qualified to provide you with all your technical inquiries

Our Vision

It’s not about what you think, it’s about what you do

Twins Production

Double Brain...
One Heart

Gaining the trust of the biggest Arabic media networks was attained due to 2 core factors:



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