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Closer To You Than Ever-A Solid Bond With Our Community

While everything around us is changing, the whole world is running faster than space and time.
Today, consumers can reach endless markets from the comfort of their couch. They can acquire whatever info they need, and purchase any product they want, simply with few clicks.

Twins Production
Twins Production

Due to this huge change, companies and service providers got to change their business models and the way they communicate with their audiences, according to the new communities life style network and communication channels.

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Then, in order to keep our services updated, easy to reach, and fully functional, we researched and planned, and took the decision.
After 4 months of extremely hard work, we’re introducing to you our new website that interacts totally the way our community needs, making it easy for them to reach the smallest details. is classified among the most advanced online services in the media industry since day 01 it was launched, built out of a long field experience, and deep solid knowledge.

With just few clicks, you can reach a whole world of cameras and lighting equipment, serving the sets of the most known projects of the biggest TV channels and media companies.

We made it very easy for you to surf our products inventory, have a look around the latest projects we’re part of, and most importantly, to contact us easily for any inquiry you have.

Twins Production

This way, we’ve turned it smoother than ever for producers and filmmakers of our region, to know about every single item, and build their list, then request the best quote that suits their budget.

How To Find Gear?

We arranged all products in specific categories, and we exposed to you plenty of ways to reach those categories.


  • Cameras
  • Lenses
  • Camera Accessories
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Grip & Trucks
  • Tv Production
  • Crew

You can reach those categories from the Main Menu, or from the Categories section featured on the home page of our website.
You can also type your product name in the Search tab located at the end of the Top Menu.

Twins Production

While surfing our wide camera and lighting inventory, users might get a question in mind, or have any inquiry to ask about. And since we’re stepping very soon into the KSA market, we put efforts in creating the right environment to be very close to our community in different ways, and at any time.

Therefore, we made contacting our team so easy and reachable anywhere, all over the site, starting with the Contact and Address section forms of the home page, as well as in the beast footer available wherever you are on the website, to the contact page of the top navigation , and the drop menu of the main equipment categories menu.

Twins Production

How do good producers make good decisions?

While producers and executives don’t roll technical work by themselves, they carry out the management of the whole project, and are responsible to deliver the highest quality and the best product, while maintaining time and budget efficiency.
That’s why choosing the right rental house, a highly skilled personnel, and the most trusted service providers, is the main key in building the dream crew every producer wishes to have.
Having this in mind, we engineered based on the online identity we’re developing, and according to the trust we had the honor to gain, from the biggest media companies in the arab world.


by Shady Jamhoury
filmmaker, digital marketer

Picture of Shady Jamhoury
Shady Jamhoury
Cinematographer, Digital Marketer, Content Creator

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